Delicious produce award medalist 2015

We are pleased to announce that our certified organic hand picked capers were announced a “Medallist” at the delicious Produce Awards 2015 recently in Sydney.
One of six finalists, in the “from the earth” category.
The capers are a labour of love taking hours of hand picking each week throughout summer. The buttery floral taste of our salted capers is unlike any of the supermarket ones.
Lucky customers get to purchase at our Farmers’ Market stall from October each year;
I love this quote from Kate Raymond from the SAGE Farmers Market.  They won best Farmers Market in Australia at the awards.
“The produce might be amazing, but it’s really about rebuilding our local food system. It should be completely normal and everyday.”
That’s how we feel about our produce too.


delicious produce awards Medallist



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