Inspired by early Margaret River Zinfandel pioneer David Hohnen Jamie & Lara chose the variety Zinfandel because of its’ luscious berry fruit characters. Zinfandel is widely planted in California and has been traced back to Puglia in Italy where it is known as Primitivo.

Soil sampling on the property revealed a patch of deep red gravelly loam with a north facing aspect, approximately an acre in size, an ideal site for grapes.

With three small boys and new plantings of avocados and olives to look after, the vineyard establishment was somehow achieved in a happy blur.  Jamie and Lara’s three boys spent many days sleeping in their prams, or playing in the dirt while the vineyard was planted and tended.  Being unirrigated, and organic from the start, meant many replants.  The boys were invaluable helping as they got older.  Now young men they are expert grape pickers, pruners and helpers in every aspect of the farm.

In 2011, keeping with the Italian theme, Lara & Jamie planted a white grape variety called Vermentino.  It is grown in Sardinia, Italy and in France is known as Rolle.  A small amount is planted in Australia. The wine is pale in colour, medium bodied and the palate is full of sumptious zesty lemon, stone fruit, pear and earthy minerality.  It is an excellent food wine.

Like the Zinfandel the Vermentino was dry grown from the start. The vines have to search deep for water, encouraging strong, deep roots.  Many cuttings don’t survive the dry summer and replants take place in Spring.

Lara studied winemaking at the Margaret River Education Campus and oversees the winemaking process.  Jamie manages the vineyards.

In 2018 youngest son, Dan, planted some Malbec vines which should produce their first harvest in 2020.

Fruit is hand picked in early March.  The Zinfandel is wild fermented in open vats.  The Vermentino is whole bunch pressed and wild fermented in barrel.  Grapes are picked when the moon is waxing, when sugar levels are at their best.  The Zinfandel must is basket pressed and placed in a combination of new and old French oak barrels. The wine goes through  a malolactic fermentation in barrel and is aged for 12 months. It is racked several times, minimal sulphur added and bottled with a screw cap closure.  Some preservative free (sulphur) free wines were produced in 2015. 


  • Specifications of our Vermentino
    • Planted –  2011 and ongoing establishment

    • Size1 acre – 1000 vines

    • Planting – Close planted at 1m x 3.3m spacings

    • Trellis type V

    • Unirrigated

    • No harvest expected until 2016

    • Management – Spur pruned with new canes laid down occasionally.  Biodynamic preparation 500 sprayed once or twice a year. Biodynamic preparation 501 was used in the wet years of 2005 & 2006 to ripen grapes, with amazing results.  Guinea fowl used to control pests.  Geese used to graze and control grasses and produce fertiliser.  Mulch and farm made Biodynamic compost spread every few years.  Dexter cattle graze vineyard during dormancy.

  • Specifications of our Zinfandel
    • Planted –  2001 – 2002

    • Size1 acre – 1000 vines

    • Planting – Close planted at 1m x 3.3m spacings

    • Trellis type V

    • Unirrigated

    • First Vintage – 2005  (2014 was our 10th vintage)

    • Management – Geese weeding/grass control.  Cardboard and straw mulch for protect vines from weed competition.  Biodynamic spray 500 sprayed twice a year. Garlic and chilli spray to control black beetle.




  • Tasting Notes
    • Tasting Note for 2014 Three Boys Zinfandel $35/bottle

      The nose has sasparilla with blue geranium and plums. A lift of clove infused brandy spirit warms and makes it all the more welcoming. In the middle is a juicy, squelchy raspberry tart layered with sweet blood orange sauce. Tannins are soft and plush; unfined and unfiltered this wine is layered with sweetness and spice. 13.9% alcohol

    • Tasting Note for 2018 Vermentino $35/bottle Tastes of apples, pears and a hint of almond.  Lovely touch of lemon and saltiness on the finish. A delightful wine that has layers of flavour and goes very well with food.