Biodynamic Wine

The vineyards are dry grow and hand managed under Demeter Biodynamic certification. After harvest the grapes are made into wine in our onsite winery, also certified Biodynamic.

Wine making is done naturally with no added yeasts or chemicals or other interventions. Burnside produces a range of styles. Most of the wines have sulphur added, as a preservative except the sparkling Petillant Naturel.

Jamie manages the vineyards and Lara manages the wine making. Jamie and Lara’s youngest son Dan is currently studying to be a winemaker at Adelaide university and works as an assistant at another certified organic winery. All three sons help pick the grapes each year.


We planted our Zinfandel vineyard in 2001, 21 years ago, while our three young sons played in the soil. 

Zinfandel originates from Croatia but is a popular variety grown in Puglia, Italy and is also widely grown in California. In Italy they call it Primitivo.  Zinfandel is a delicious medium to full bodied red wine with prominent red dark berry fruit characteristics. Zinfandel has low tannins and good acidity. It is an excellent food wine, complementing cheese, charcuterie and Italian style food.


Vermentino, also originates from Italy.  In Australia it is an emerging white variety tasting of pear, apple, lemon, with a touch of saltiness on the palate. Delicious summer drinking and well suited to pairing with seafood.

Our Petillant Naturel Vermentino (naturally sparkling and sulphur free) is highly sort after with its easy drinking spritzy deliciousness.

The Future

The vineyards are expanding with new plantings by our youngest son, Dan. Varieties include; Malbec, Chardonnay and Sciacarello.  We look forward to adding wines from his vineyards into our range within a few years.

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