Burnside Organic Farm is 15 hectares in size and has vineyards, an avocado orchard, caper plantation, bee hives and a market garden.

The farm and winery are certified Biodynamic with Demeter. Animals are used throughout the farming systems.

The McCall family live largely self-sufficiently with chickens, cows, pigs an extensive home vegetable garden and netted orchard.


Guests staying in the bungalows have exclusive, and complimentary, access to farm and wine tasting experiences.

If you are not staying onsite and would like to visit you can book a  FARM TOUR or WINE TASTING.  Available  every Saturday throughout summer.  The tour includes;

  • Learning about organic farming, Permaculture and self-sufficiency.
  • How farm animals are integrated into the farming systems.
  • Vegetable gardens.
  •  Netted fruit orchard.
  • Capers
  • Organic vineyard
  • Organic avocado orchard
  • Wine and produce tasting.
  • Farm Shop
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